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Melancholy were the Sounds on a Winter's Night
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None for all 4

Team Winter, a Year Two team of Beacon, lead by Wisteria Lillavendel. They've had their share of battles, and will have many more, managing to survive the first year of Beacon.
However these Four individuals are very much different in personality, and always tend to clash at the wrong time, especially in the heat of the battlefield.
To think, a team that shares the name of Winter, they would be much less... Angry.

But each is still growing, each and everyone of them is still very much in need of guidance.


How will YOU help guide them?
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((I have no reason for this other than “I got bored”

Enjoy Panty!Eimear and Stocking!Wisteria

Also; no I did not draw this from scratch, no I do not claim the artwork as mine, and helll no I ain’t selling this))

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